Chloe Margherita is an astrologer, tarot reader, poet and artist living on unceded Cowlitz and Clackamas land in so-called Portland, OR. 

She grew up in New Jersey.

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Styling with the Stars: A Guidebook to Planetary Fashion

22 p.
Digital PDF

January 2024

Your sense of style isn’t frivolous: it’s divine. There’s something vital to feeling an alignment between your aesthetics and your purpose, to putting thought and intention into your wardrobe, to treating each outfit as a prayer or a potential well of inspiration. 

My new guidebook, “Styling with the Stars,” aims to help you understand planetary style, as well as add a creative layer to your devotion and manifest your unique look. I walk through the fashion of each of the planet— specifically The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn— providing style icons, trends, silhouettes, specific clothing items and vibes for each planet. Additionally, I list the colors, gems and people of each planet as well as a color palette to really drive home the aesthetics of the stars. To really cement your understanding, I have also linked Pinterest boards I have made compiling visual aids for each of the planets to really stoke your inspiration.

Not only do I outline how to use this guide to make every day a sartorial devotion to a specific planet, I also provide ideas on where to look in your own chart to begin mapping your own signature style. What makes an icon is their ability to be one of one, to follow their own muse, to create a trend all their own. My research has proven that astrology is invaluable in informing your own iconic looks.

For millennia, astrologers have aligned the planets in the sky with our actions on earth, including colors, jewels, people, obects. But never before has someone distilled this ancient knowledge into a fun and extensive guide to planetary dressing. I draw on authors such as Abu Ma’shar, Al Biruni and William Lilly to form a sturdy foundation for my own thoughts and ideas about how the planets dress. Though plenty speak of dressing for your Venus or something of that nature, you cannot find this information anywhere else, especially not with a rooting in the tradition combined with contemporary wisdom. 

This Guide is For:
  • Clotheshorses and Aesthetes of all kinds
  • Casual astrology enthusiasts who want to bring astrology into their daily life
  • The sartorially lost or overextended who want help defining their unique style
  • Creatives and mystics who want to turn their outfits into sites of magic and inspiration
  • Anyone who wants to streamline their approach to dressing each day
  • Anyone who wants to  their dressing into a ritual, an invocation, a prayer
  • The Astroliterate who want to stregthen their remediation practice 

Truly, this zine is meant to inspire you. Read and engage with it in a way that feels fun and comfortable.
This guidebook is truly for anyone at any level of astrological understanding. It serves to tranlate the complex language of astrology into something you can wear and embody yourself. Hopefully, dressing like the planets will unlock new wisdom beyond clothes. 

Let it be fun, let it meet you where you are. Happy dressing, babes <3

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P.S. You can purchase both guides together at a discount. The base price for each has been raised based on demand and value.

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Styling with the Stars Vol. I

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