Chloe Margherita is an astrologer, tarot reader, poet and artist living on unceded Cowlitz and Clackamas land in so-called Portland, OR. 

She grew up in New Jersey.

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Styling with the Stars Vol. II: an Astrological  Guide to Using Your Natal Chart to Uncover Your
Divine Style

34 p.
Digital PDF

March 2024

There’s something akin to magic that coalesces when we dress in a way that reflects our “true self,” which is also allowed to be porous, ever-shifting mysterious.
Atistry exists in everything we do— even putting together an outfit for lounging around the house. Those quotidian gestures, like considering how to dress ourselves on a given day, transmit a signal, fill our inner well, stoke the muse.
Astrology can help with this aesthetic becoming. 

In my follow-up to “Styling with the Stars,” this second volume helps you use your chart to uncover all the different facets of your style, knowing your look cannot be reduced to one planet. Though one may predominate, this guide will help you figure out what role the different planets have in your style and which ones to lean on when you feel torn or unsure what makes you feel most like yourself. 

**If you are unfamiliar with the styles of the planets, consider purchasing my first guidebook**

There are certain places in the chart we can look that speak directly to our fashion sense and this guidebook aims at highlighting and elucidating how to consider these various placements and integrate them into your signature style.

In this guide, I walk you through the meanings of the different parts of your chart that inform your style including:
  • The Ascendant/Rising Sign
  • Venus
  • The 5th House
  • The 2nd House
  • The Lot of Eros 

Combining all of these points together, you will begin to get a sense of your iconic style. I walk you through how to delineate each of these points and understand the distinct role each part plays in shaping your aesthetics. 

We are here to bring out your unique style, not create some cookie cutter set of arbitrary rules to look like everyone else. Trends fade; what is a staple to one person is uninspiring to another. Finding your unique sense of aesthetics is timeless and will serve as an anchor through all the trend cycles that may pass throughout out lives. The world needs you to show up as you— this self-driven creation of your unique style is how style icons are made.

In addition to including delineations on Venus through the 12 houses and how that impacts style, I also include a bevy of examples, including deep dives on the charts of Audrey Hepburn and David Bowie, showing how their looks encompass all of the planets playing a role in their fashion senses. 

I also include a new technique called the Almuten of Style, which determines the planet that most impacts and creates the foundation for your aesthetic and iconic fashion sense.

This Guide is For:
  • Clotheshorses and Aesthetes of all kinds
  • Casual astrology enthusiasts who want to bring astrology into their daily life
  • The sartorially lost or overextended who want help defining their unique style
  • Creatives and mystics who want to turn their outfits into sites of magic and inspiration
  • Anyone who wants to streamline their approach to dressing each day
  • Anyone who wants to better understand their unique style and wants astrology to help!

Truly, this zine is meant to inspire you. Read and engage with it in a way that feels fun and comfortable.
This guidebook is truly for anyone at any level of astrological understanding. It serves to tranlate the complex language of astrology into something you can wear and embody yourself. Hopefully, dressing like the planets will unlock new wisdom beyond clothes. 

Let it be fun, let it meet you where you are. Happy dressing, babes <3

P.S. You can purchase both guides together at a discount. The base price for each has been raised based on demand and value.

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Styling with the Stars Vol. II 

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