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She grew up in New Jersey.

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Styling with the Stars Vol. III: An Astrological Guide to the Fashion and Style of Venus Through the Decans

121 p.
Digital PDF

May 2024

Welcome to Styling with the Stars Volume III, a sartorial exploration of Venus through the decans. Combining my love of fashion and astrology, I have created an innovative, pioneering technique to use the stars to guide our sense of style and understand how our clothes are impacted by our natal charts. These methods and guidelines are unique, based in the traditional texts and utilizing complex techniques that bring astrology alive and allow it to be as accurate as it can be. You will not find the information contained in this volume anywhere else.

This guidebook, like previous two, has been a labor of love geared towards bringing astrology down to earth while also showcasing its creative and playful potential. I created these guidebooks to help translate the complex and ornate language of the sky into approachable tips with grounded exercises and concrete ways to bring astrology more intimately into your life.

Put simply, a decan is a 10º slice of the zodiac. As a circle is made of 360º, there are 36 in total. The reason I use the decans so heavily in my work is because they are not just extremely effective at getting to the heart of someone’s story, they’re fun, mysterious, complex, descriptive.

We look to Venus to define our fashion sensibilities, choosing the styles, garments and accessories that align with our pleasures and priorities. Beyond the trends or silhouettes we like, our Venus can tell whether we dress to impress or to be comfortable, as well as from which style icons we may take inspiration.

By focusing on the decan of your natal Venus, we learn the stories, archetypes, processes, desires and magic that fuel how you get dressed. This exploration goes beyond dignity and debility to find beauty, glamour and iconic style in each and every part of the zodiac.

In addition to an essay on Venus through the 36 faces, for each decan I include:
  • The degree range and decanic ruler
  • Images and significations associated with each decan
  • Famous icons who embody the style of the decan
  • Quotes from real people about their style

Months ago I created a style survey. In addition to telling me their Venus placement, I had people answer an array of questions such as how they describe their style, their most-used or favorite garments, their own style icons and what they prioritize when they dress. I was lucky enough to have 180 responses to pull from and I read through each and every entry. That way, the informtion in this guidebook is based on the styles of *real people* and draws from how people live and embody their Venus decan.  

Though I focused my research and writing on Venus placements, I see no reason you can’t look at the decans for other placements in your chart for further guidance. You can read the articles on the decans of your other natal placements and get just as much out of them. 

This Guide is For:
  • Clotheshorses and Aesthetes of all kinds
  • Casual astrology enthusiasts who want to bring astrology into their daily life
  • The sartorially lost or overextended who want help defining their unique style
  • More advanced practitioners who want to incorporate minor subdivisions into their practice
  • Anyone who wants to just One Thing to focus on, style-wise
  • Anyone who wants to re-enchant their relationship to their style

I will also note that, as far as I know, no one has explored how the decans shape our sense of style. Though I trust my methods and research, this assay is just one of the first steps towards a larger field of astro-fashion and I hope more and more will be discovered as time passes and more people catch on

May this guide inspire and enliven you; give you new ideas and projects, help you feel seen and, perhaps most importantly, have fun with your fashion.

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Styling with the Stars Vol. III 
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