Chloe Margherita is an astrologer, tarot reader, poet and artist living on unceded Cowlitz and Clackamas land in so-called Portland, OR. 

She grew up in New Jersey.

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Stellar Gnosis: Connecting with the Fixed Stars

1 hr

August 2023

This class is for anyone who wants to connect with the fixed stars directly.
This class is for anyone who believes their own heart-mind can bring them to the divine intimately. 
This class is for anyone who believes that stars, like us, have souls that wish to speak. 

Gnosis is a Greek word meaning “to know,” but not through the intellect. Gnosis is direct knowledge of the truth, the divine, the mysteries. It challenges that belief that spirit can only speak through hierarchical authorities or wisdom only comes from objectivity. 
It dares you to look into the knowledge that comes from your own heart. 

With fixed stars in astrology, one quickly faces a gap between one’s curiosity on the many stars that light up our sky and consciousness and the available information handed down from the tradition and synthesized by contemporary practitioners. 

This class demonstrates that we can begin filling in the gaps and beyond ourselves, simply by inquiring with an open heart and mind. It posits that the spirit does not speak in intellectual treatises and dogma but in myths, archetypes, poetry and images. That our emotions, and how this information stirs out hearts and bleeds into our daily lives is a crucial part of the process of uncovering the mysteries of the skies. 

After years of study and client work with these stellar, daimonic beings, as well as my own gnostic practice, I am proud to release a comprehensive introduction on stellar gnosis for seekers and practitioners alike.

Beginning a journey with the fixed stars is to be an initiate in poetic mysteries and deeply-felt wisdom. It is to let the influence of countless, soulful psychopomps bring you closer to your life and the wisdom therein. 

I created this class to continue the vow created by studying the stars: empower people to look into the stars themselves and help expand the discipline beyond what has been extant and passed down. 

This beginning class offers a clear understanding of what gnosis is, the form it arises, its use throughout history and how to begin looking for yourself. 

Beyond that, this class offers a practical tips and tools for reaching out to the stars through ritual, visioning and meditation. The only way to expand the wisdom of this subject is to look, to converse with them, for yourself. 

Features include:
  • An introduction to gnosis as a practice and concept
  • The role of the mythic image and the power of affect in connecting us to divine wisdom
  • An overview of stellar gnosis throughout history, including figures such as Manilius and Anonymous 379
  • Grounding frameworks and tools for beginning for own ritual, gnostic practice 
  • Electional tools and tricks to best time and attune to the stars, better ensuring contact is made
  • How to begin deciphering and discerning what divine gnosis is  and notice the influence and messages of the stars beyond the ritual space.

This class is not just for fellow astrologers and diviners; it lays out a way of communing with the unseen that can be useful for artists, healers, movement leaders or anyone who wants to unite heaven and earth. I believe anyone who wants to use their mind to serve the unseen and mysterious will benefit from this class.

Who this is not for:
  • those who believe that intelligence precludes belief in the unseen
  • those who believe astrology only exists in the mind or a computer screen; don’t want to engage with the sky or their senses
  • those who believe only the intellect or established texts should support and extend our astrological knowledge 
  • those who want a basic foundation in the fixed stars and how they function (in this case, check out my introductory class on the topic!)

This class is for all fixed star practitioners and students who wish to go beyond the established texts and what the intellect alone can teach them.

a note about pricing: I want this to be accessible to all, as well as provide people the opportunity to provide additional support to my offering.  Thusly, I am offering this class on a sliding-scale basis. Those in need or who hold a marginalized identity can purchase the lecture as a reduced cost. The middle tier is more the true price while the patron tier gives me additional support and makes it possible for others to purchase as a reduced cost. Choose whatever one feels comfiest for you. They are all the same product!
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