Chloe Margherita is an astrologer, tarot reader, poet and artist living on unceded Cowlitz and Clackamas land in so-called Portland, OR. 

She grew up in New Jersey.

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The stars are like letters which inscribe themselves at every moment in the sky. Everything in the world is full of signs. All events are coordinated. All things depend on each other; as has been said: “Everything breathes together.” — Plotinus

There is nothing new under the sun, but there are new suns.
― Octavia E. Butler

I study the language of the stars because I want to help re-enchant our relationship to our inner and outer worlds. I want people to have trust that they live in an intelligent, watchful universe that mirrors their own inner life. I want people to see their innate wholeness and beauty; that they are divine exactly as they are.

I am the reader for you if you:
- you are an artist or consider yourself creative
- you wish to heal your relationship to the self and the world
- believe time acts in spirals and there is more to the world than what we can see
- see a connection between the inner and outer worlds
- believe inner attunment is key to collective liberation

Current Offerings:

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Eternal Bloom Natal Reading (90 min)

The name for this reading comes from the name I was given during my time living at a Buddhist Monastery. From the moment we take our first breath, we are imprinted with the precise configuration of the planets that coalesced at that moment. This original chart never changes and represents a fundamental set of truths about ourselves. But astrology is, ultimately, the study of time. Our charts are constantly developing along with us. While we are always the same— whole, complete, lacking nothing— there are still novel challenges and events that also ensure we are always changing, blooming even.

In this session, we explore both your birth chart’s natal promise and help decipher what are the biggest sources of influence and meaning in your life. I will identify both your natural gifts and challenges and from where they arise. We will also explore how your current chart is unfolding in time using annual profections, the Solar Return Chart and transits to point out major themes and areas of growth.

I ask that all new clients begin with this reading as it allows me ample time to get to know your chart and your lived experience of it, which shapes how I interpret your current growth points and transits. Transits only act within the natal promise of the birth chart; understanding the latter allows us to be specific and more accurate with the former.

Desired Constellations  Transit Reading (60 min)

“With a palm full of stars/I throw them like dice...until the desired constellation appear”
- Björk

One of my astrology teachers described transits like desires; something within us moves towards a new object or possibility, thus changing our lives and moving it forward. But we can also trace these desires back to the movements of the planets, constellations far beyond us but connected to our deepest, most intimate selves.

In this reading, we will see how your inner experience and your outer world are coming together. I will isolate what parts of your chart are most active and what themes and lessons are being developed over the next season, six months, year. Though the chart can dictate its own narrative, you are more than welcome to bring forward certain topics or questions you want answered in the course of the reading. I use a combination or annual profections, Solar Return charts, and transits to isolate the unique shape of your current constellations and how to best work within the rhythm of your own life.

If you have not worked with me before, I ask that you begin with the “Eternal Bloom” reading, which does cover transits as well as your natal chart.

Eros & Psyche Relationship Consult (60, 90 min)

In Ancient Greek, “psyche” is the word for “soul” as well as “butterfly”. In the myth of Eros and Psyche, a mortal woman undergoes a quest to be reunited with her beloved, Eros. But, in the process, she too transforms from a youthful maiden to a mature woman, able to enter into relationship as a separate, wholly complete being.

Love, in other words, is an initiation. When we are deeply enmeshed with another person, we can’t help but look at our ways of doing things and determine if they are still serving us. Ideally, they support us in our becoming and we return the favor.
Thusly, this offering takes each of you first as separate beings, then sees how your charts interact and alter each other’s. Finally, I will look at the composite chart of your two natal charts and see what unique needs the relationship as a separate entity needs to flourish. 

You will leave with a better sense of who you are in relationships in general, what the other person brings out in you and what you two are building together.

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Waypoint Check-in reading (30 min)

This reading is like the Desired Constellations offering, but shorter. If you’re more focused on a single question or topic or have had a transit reading recently and just want a quick check-in, this is the option for you. I use the same techniques as the longer reading but within a smaller scope. See this as a check-in or charm for the road.


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I fell into myself, and each time I fell more deeply.
-Alejandro Jodorowsky

My readings are intuitive and practical and above all, affirming.
You are the expert of your own life and I view tarot as a power tool of recalibration to that fact. Like the etymology of affirmation will tell you, I am here to strength your trust in yourself and the tasks of your life. I trust the innate wisdom and compassion of my clients and see my readings as collaborations between two divine humans and the mysterious third thing that arises when true meeting occurs.

The space I make during a reading is meant to be inclusive, non-judgmental and clean. The tarot is a tool to help us make sense of our own innate wisdom, so functions best when it affirms what we already know to be true, while better organizing the moving parts at play and giving us a grip on next steps. You will leave the readings with a better sense of yourself and your surrounding energies as well as how to proceed with clarity and compassion.

Though you are welcome to come into the reading with a question in mind, no specific question is necessary- the cards may have their own agenda anyway!

I currently offer 60 and 90 minute readings for new clients and 30 minute check-ins for returners. 

**Please note, I am not a licensed therapist, and cannot address mental health issues in our time together.**