Chloe Margherita is an astrologer, tarot reader, poet and artist living on unceded Cowlitz and Clackamas land in so-called Portland, OR. 

She grew up in New Jersey.

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The Lot of Eros: a Collaboration with Kira Ryberg

2 hr 20 min.

December 2023

I am proud to finally announce the release of a monthlong passion project and collaboration with Kira Ryberg.

The Lot of Eros is one of the three primary lots used in traditional astrology and helps pinpoint where the unique contours of your desire coalesce in your chart. It can be used to understand your relationship to love, friendship, pleasure, art, spirituality and connection.

This collaborative lecture is 2 hours and 20 minutes long and provides a deep dive into the Lot of Eros. We take a look at the many meanings of love, the mythology of Eros and the myriad ways that the Lot of Eros can manifest in a life and astrological chart. We provide suggestions for how to delineate the Lot of Eros by looking at several example charts, along with giving you ideas around how to deepen and develop a relationship with Eros’ presence in your own life. We will explore delineating the Lot of Eros by planetary ruler, aspects, element and fixed star conjunction.

This lecture is an extensive and comprehensive overview on the Lot of Eros and it explores significations of this hermetic lot that have never been discussed before. It takes us beyond the traditional texts and into the present moment so that you can gain a complete under standing of the many ways the Lot of Eros influences someone’s life.

This is the first in-depth treatment of this amorous, creative point of its kind. We make connections and go places you can’t find anywhere else. In addition to a video lecture, you also get a pdf of the lecture slides and a resource list for further Eros study.

In this One Hour Class We Cover

  • the meaning and history of Eros
  • The Philosophy and true nature of Desire
  • The many aspects of Eros: Love, Creativity, Pleasure, Spirit, with chart examples
  • How to Delineate your Lot of Eros by sign, house, element, aspect and fixed star conjunction
  • how to begin working with and connecting with your Lot of Eros yourself 

This is for the lovers, the yearners, the artists, the mystics, the friends. This is for anyone with a deep interest in astrology or just knowing themselves more intimately.

Cost: €60/$65.33

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