Chloe Margherita is an astrologer, tarot reader, poet and artist living on unceded Cowlitz and Clackamas land in so-called Portland, OR. 

She grew up in New Jersey.

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On the Third Triplicity Lord of the 9th house, Lord of Divination

1 hr 20 minutes
Video and transcript

November 2022

**Now through 12.4, I am offering this lecture at a 25% discount, dropping the price from $44 to $33**

One of my jobs as an astrologer and diviner is to help others see their own magic.

I believe each person has the ability to access their own slice of the divine, though it may not look how we think it will.

For those of us who were not encouraged to use our intuition when we were young, we may have grown up thinking the gift of divination was not bestowed upon us.

But according to astrology, all of us have a Third Triplicity Lord of the 9th house, the planet that represents “wisdom and dreams, the knowledge of the stars (astrology) and their truth, and auguries (omens)” (Al-Andarzaghar). And just as we each have unique charts, we each have unique styles of divination.

I believe that studying your Third Triplicity Lord of the 9th through your chart’s elemental makeup and corresponding planet, can help you better discern what divination looks like to you and ground your practice in the material world, whether that be through earth, air, fire, water or some mixture.

This class walks you through how to calculate your Lord of Divinity as well as what to do with it; I explain how to understand divination as an embodied practice through exploring how the elements— fire, air, water and earth— and our relation to them affect the ways in which we divine— which may look very different than what we have been told it looks like!

Features include:
  • an exploration of what divination *is* and how it already fits into your life
  • a breakdown of triplicity in astrology, with special focus on triplicity rulers
  • a how-to on calculating your Lord of Divination and how to begin delineating, with examples 
  • a breakdown of divination of each of the elements as well as the planets which can serve as your Lord of Divination
  • next steps for practicing divination and weaving it into your own life

This class is not just for fellow astrologers and diviners; it lays out a way of communing with the unseen that can be useful for artists, healers, movement leaders or anyone who wants to unite heaven and earth. I believe anyone who wants to use their mind to serve the unseen and mysterious will benefit from this class.

Who this is not for:
  • those who believe that intelligence precludes belief in the unseen
  • those who think only a few special people can divine
  • those who don’t believe the physical world can be a source of wisdom

Beyond that, this information can be used for all sorts of purposes and can enrich any number of roles. The earthly and the divine are always intermixed. Affirm your connection with this class as the starting-point.

Included: 1 1.5hr video lecture in .mp4 and a .pdf transcript of the class.

Note: Upon accessing the files, you will only see a 15-minute preview of the class in the window; please download to your device to access the full lecture!