Chloe Margherita is an astrologer, tarot reader, poet and artist living on unceded Cowlitz and Clackamas land in so-called Portland, OR. 

She grew up in New Jersey.

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On the Helical Rising and Setting Stars

1 hr

August 2023

This class is for anyone who wants to learn more about the fixed stars. 
This class is for anyone interested in renewing their connection the heavens.
This class is for anyone yearning for a spiritual guide and doesn’t know where to look.

The helical rising and setting stars are singled out for their reemergance from darkness and invisibility to touch earth and influence the people on it. 

By knowing your heliacal rising and setting star, you know two beings who wish to influence and shape your life, your fate, your very character. 

Heraclitus tells us our character is our fate, which James Hillman translates as “our character is our daimon”. A daimon is a spiritual guide specifically attempting to help you remember your divine birthright and walk your unique path on this earth. 

After years of study and client work with these stellar, daimonic beings, I am proud to release a comprehensive introduction on the heliacal stars for seekers and practitioners alike.

Beginning a journey with the fixed stars is to be an initiate in poetic mysteries and deeply-felt wisdom. 

I created this class to continue the vow created with my first introductory class: compile practical and rigorous information on the heliacal rising and setting stars to uplift the whole community. Many of my clients would ask me where to start when studying the stars and I couldn’t find a source I felt good about sending them towards. 
Thusly, I took matters into my own hands, distilling millennia of knowledge with my own experience of the stars to lend a helping hand to your own journey.. 

This beginning class offer a clear understanding of what the heliacal rising and settings stars are, their context within star phases, their connection to the concept of a daimon and how to apply them to your own chart and practice. 

Beyond that, this class offers a practical tips and tools for reaching out to your heliacal rising and setting star through ritual and meditation. The only way to expand the wisdom of this subject is to look, to converse with them, for yourself. 

Features include:
  • What is a heliacal rising and setting star? astronomically, mythically and astrologically 
  • An exploration of star phase and the heliacal stars meaning within
  • An overview of the connection between the fixed stars and the daimon, our guardian spirits, drawing in traditional opinions and sources
  • Interpretative frameworks for fitting the heliacal stars into
    your astrological practice  (and why you should bother with another astrological technique in the first place!)
  • Next steps for learning more about the stars, including ritual gnosis techniques 

This class is not just for fellow astrologers and diviners; it lays out a way of communing with the unseen that can be useful for artists, healers, movement leaders or anyone who wants to unite heaven and earth. I believe anyone who wants to use their mind to serve the unseen and mysterious will benefit from this class.

Who this is not for:
  • those who believe that intelligence precludes belief in the unseen
  • those who believe astrology only exists in the mind or a computer screen; don’t want to engage with the sky or their senses
  • those who have already studied the stars extensively and have a working knowledge of their many techniques

This class is for all skill levels and knowledge of the stars. Beyond that, this information can be used for all sorts of purposes and can enrich any number of roles. The earthly and the divine are always intermixed. Affirm your connection with this class as the starting-point.

***Plus, you can purchase this plus by Intro to Fixed Stars Class as a bundle for $45**

a note about pricing: I want this to be accessible to all, as well as provide people the opportunity to provide additional support to my offering.  Thusly, I am offering this class on a sliding-scale basis. Those in need or who hold a marginalized identity can purchase the lecture as a reduced cost. The middle tier is more the true price while the patron tier gives me additional support and makes it possible for others to purchase as a reduced cost. Choose whatever one feels comfiest for you. They are all the same product!
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