Chloe Margherita is an astrologer, tarot reader, poet and artist living on unceded Cowlitz and Clackamas land in so-called Portland, OR. 

She grew up in New Jersey.

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Embodying the Planets: Essays and Somatic Exercises to Connect You to the Divine

66 pp
Digital Zine

November 2023

This collection of essays is for anyone who wishes to go beyond the surface and connect to the planets with your heart. 

Spending time with the planets is, from the outside, no different than spending time with your life. The only difference is intention. Though you may drink water every day, did you know that the Moon rules everything that flows? Or perhaps you like spicy food or wearing red; Mars likes that too. By seeing these mundane acts as an offering to some planetary deity, these acts can have startling reverberations: building up your spice tolerance might also build up your tolerance for conflict and necessary conflict if that’s something you need. Wearing red may make you more comfortable standing out and going your own way, both things Mars gladly undertakes.

We feel Mars whenever we are intensely hot, agitated, energized, activated. As a malefic, the experience of him is often uncomfortable, sometimes scary, but also an opportunity for courage and swift action— cutting through the bullshit to the red, beating heart.

I wrote my Embodying the Planets Guide with this intimate understanding of astrology in mind. Taken from my newsletter series, I have collected 7 essays on understanding the planets into a ready-to-download 60-page zine.

This offering if for anyone of any skill level who wishes to understand astrology and the planets from the inside out. In addition to essays exploring the different facets of each visible planet, there are also multiple activities and rituals to help bring out of the mind and into our daily lives. They don’t involve anything fancy or out of the ordinary; simply open eyes and an open heart.

Features include:
  • Thoroughly researched essays on each of the seven traditional planets, synthesizing their major characteristics and themes 
  • Rituals and somatic exercises to help you apply this knowledge and begin feeling, experiencing it for yourself. 

This offering is not just for fellow astrologers and diviners; anyone who wishes to better understand the harmonics of their world and aligning them to their advantage. I believe anyone who wants to use their body and soul to tap into the unseen and celectial will benefit from this class.

Who this is not for:
  • those who believe that astrology can only be understood with the mind
  • those who are already paid subscribers to Recent Bedroom, where you can find this info throughout
  • those who believe only the intellect or established texts should support and extend our astrological knowledge 
  • those who already having a felt, lived experience of the planets and need no help going further

This class is for all astro-curious individuals and practitioners who wish to have a working knowledge of the traditional understanding of the planets that also includes looking and feeling for yourself. 

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