Chloe Margherita is an astrologer, tarot reader, poet and artist living on unceded Cowlitz and Clackamas land in so-called Portland, OR. 

She grew up in New Jersey.

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Chloe’s Thoughts, Notes

On the Sun and Intellect

Typically, Mercury is the planet associated with the mind and for plenty of good reasons.
But I also think it represents a certain kind of intelligence, specifically one that can be measured and quantified.
Mercurial intelligence is praised in our education system because you can test it. You either came to the right sum or you didn't. You either made a cogent, grammatically correct argument your you didn't. There is plenty more interesting and esoteric facets to mercurial intelligence but it's worth noting that our emphasis on mercury alone limits our understanding of the intellect. Particularly, if you don't "test well" or have trouble with the very specific way knowledge is measured and taught in the west, you may doubt your intelligence because it doesn't show up on a scantron. Now, the Sun: one of the main things it does is create light. Under the gaze of the sun, nothing is hidden. Whereas the moon is concerned with the body, the sun is concerned with the mind, spirit and all that is not bound by matter. The Sun is also known for its constancy; what the sun sees is unchanging, immutable in some way. Plato, in Timaeus, praises the importance of sight as the foundation for basically all intelligence and philosophical breakthroughs:
The sight in my opinion is the source of the greatest benefit to us, for had we never seen the stars, and the sun, and the heaven, none of the words which we have spoken about the universe would ever have been uttered. But now the sight of day and night, and the months and the revolutions of the years, have created number, and have given us a conception of time, and the power of enquiring about the nature of the universe; and from this source we have derived philosophy, than which no greater good ever was or will be given by the gods to mortal man.

It's worth noting that Mercury never strays far from the Sun. They are an emissary, going between with information that ultimately arises from the consciousness and awareness of the Sun. As Chris Brennan puts it, "Mercury gets associated with acting as a go between, & other things that are used in order to convey intelligence or to convey knowledge"
Convey, being the key word. They can transmit info but they are not the source. Austin Coppock uses the myth of Ra and Thoth to illustrate this.
Thoth invents writing and shows it to the Sun god who wonders if writing things down will weaken people's mind. Coppock says they decided that writing was a pharmakon, thus useful in some instances & poisonous in others. I believe the Sun is the planet that allows us to decide that, to discern whether just because we can, should we? I mean the Sun, corresponds to, among other things, the heart. Being centered in the heart is about using one's individual convictions and feelings to decide what feels right; it's the difference between making a pros and cons list and going with our gut. but it's also worth noting that, in many languages, the words for heart and mind are synonymous. In the Zen tradition, the word for silent meditation retreats, "sesshin," means "touching the heart-mind". The heart is not just what beats in our chest but is our connection to our True Nature, one that is not quantified or can't be explained but only experienced and felt.
The Buddha told us not to trust what this old monk says: he tells us to look for ourselves. This is exactly how Solar intelligence is gathered: by looking at the world through our unique eyes and seeing what comes through.
And as the realm of the spirit has been devalued and explained away these past hundreds of years, so has Solar intelligence been denigrated. If you can't prove something with a theorem, deduce it using logic, or test it, then it's seen as frivolous, "woo-woo," "pseudo science".
But what of the intellect it takes to make "good" art? Or to have a direct transmission from the divine or to simply notice signs and extract their meaning? Something about Solar intelligence is that, while it may be hard to prove or communicate to others, it is based in direct experience. It can't be taken away.
I think it also speaks to the genius of the self, of the natural wisdom of self fully inhabited and known. Every activity under the sun (lol) requires some form of intelligence whether that be emotional, creative, spatial, etc.
But next time someone accuses you of being frivolous for studying something like astrology or divination or religion (or you accuse yourself), check in with your heart, your spirits, and see if you can deny the presence of true wisdom.

The Rising Signs through the Houses

Recently listened to Demetra's talk on the Rising Sign as a template of life and really want to dig into that for each of them

Because not only does your rising sign determine your first house, it tells you the basic essence of each part of your life. If you use whole sign houses, as I do, then you can determine the rest of a person's chart simply by knowing their rising sign.

by examining the planetary ruler of a house, as well as if it shares the ruler with another house, you can make connections and learn important details before looking at anything else the zodiac is a circle; all parts are connected & inform each other.

My virgo moon loves picking apart the deets so let's do each one. I will specifically be looking at which houses shares a planetary ruler and what that commonality can tell us abt the life of the native. also if you don't like whole signs then this thread is prob not for u <3

Aries Rising:

1h & 8h= Mars Ruled- Since Mars is considered a "severing" planet, a connection between the self and the place of death/loss seems appropriate. Aries risings must be aware of the risk involved in their desire to action and that the power they accrue is never really theirs

Being able to brave painful terrain & develop their courage is a cornerstone to their self-understanding, but they also must learn that sometimes our most potent battles happen within. i also see something here about the power of paying off one's debts/being a person of your word

2h & 7h= Venus RuledAs an independent sign, part of being in relationship for Aries acs is figuring out how their personal resources/belongings fit into their partnership. And that perhaps the biggest lesson is that connection can be a source of support, that they don't have to

do it alone.but they also must be wary of trying to use things to please their partner or confuse what they have to offer with their actual worth. Having both a Mars ruled 1st and 8th means they do best when they don't hold onto things for too long.

3h & 6h= Mercury-ruledI would imagine that Aries risings found school tedious and a waste of their pent-up energy. Probably got hurt growing up when they played. They need to learn by using their bodies and are most insightful when engaged in work.

As their chart ruler, Mars, is often associated with alchemists and surgeons, their 6h-3h connection also gives me strong healing vibes as well as an interest in preserving local history

4h = Moon Ruled5h= Sun ruledHaving no connection to the rest of the chart, these houses stand on their own in terms of signification; Aries needs a nurturing private space, full stop, and few things can substitute.

The same goes for their creative endeavors. Straight-up fun, with them at the center, is where they get their light from.

9h + 12h= Jupiter-ruledtheir path towards understanding is, ultimately, one they can only take alone. It may feel isolating for them to explore their beliefs and they may come to spiritual practice to relieve their suffering. They may be interested in esoteric traditions

and secret practices. But, ultimately, they are able to find meaning even in the most confusing or difficult situations.

10h + 11h= Saturn RuledAn Aries rising's hope for the future is inextricably bound up in their own quest for personal power. Put another way, how an Aries rising conducts themselves in public has a direct effect on their community and their ability to see their wishes come to

fruition. Their fans can be ride-or-die, very visible, and potentially harsh judges. Being in public can often feel like Aries are under a microscope, even more so than in other parts of their life. I also see elders as a valuable resource for them, esp as they learn to grow into

themselves.Going through all these, I am struck by how many of these significations are in line with the Aries image, but flesh it out from all these different angles.

Taurus Rising

1h + 6h= Venus-ruledPeople often associate Venus with luxury, but a Taurus rising knows how to WORK, as well as all the hidden labor that goes into making a garden seem effortless. they see themselves and their labor as collaborative and a way of being more enmeshed in the world

Both their being and their work is only furthered through steady, pleasurable action. All of their life is a process, one that is steadily building and never still.

2h + 5h= Mercury-ruledNot only are Taurus acs most likely to make money off their art, they know the value of pleasure and fun in supporting their sense of self. Eating and cooking are major sources of joy in their lives and this connection also says something about abundance; if there's not a surplus of labor, energy, money, etc leftover for fun, non-productive things, they have trouble being themselves and putting in the process-oriented work that make them who they are.

3h= Moon-ruled

4h= Sun-ruled

I love that the moon rules the house it rejoices in here; here I think of the high priestess, a lunar card, that often represents an individual creating their own, esoteric path to practice. Taurus's daily spirituality is wholly their own and always changing with their moods and ability. they fit their habits into what feels right.but to truly feel bright and have enough energy for the rest of the world, they need to be the king of their castles. That means supportive family members, a luxurious home and plenty of space. They may feel isolated or set apart within their family of origin, which may not square with the rest of their relationships.

7h + 12h= Mars-ruledRelationships can feel very much their own/private, and they can also be a source of suffering. But engaging in right partnership can be like a stay in a monastery; merciless towards delusion but ripe with insight. They may be unable to face their relationship issues with their mind and must simply act out their inner dramas. the more they let issues fester, the worse they'll be.

8h + 11h- Jupiter-ruledTaurus risings, when they desire, know how receive support from others as well as what benefits community can bring about. but first, they must learn to surrender some control to the group. Their dreams can be hard to put into words, but act as a transformative feeling that can only be uncovered by a deep feeling of feelings. they will also most likely succeed if they ask their networks for financial support.

9h + 10= Saturn-ruledTheir beliefs and intellectual interests are often quite public. They have an interest in preserving ancient knowledge or texts and may make a career in academia or religion. Undertaking a spiritual path can feel arduous, high stakes, and difficult to turn away from. Their public persona is probably unassuming and humble. they can spread knowledge to the people.

Gemini Rising

1h + 4h= Mercury-ruled

One may not typically associate Gemini with the inner life but this connection shows that their internal, private thoughts are key to self-understanding. Their inner worlds are just as real as their outer selves and they are constantly integrating new input with past info. They may serve as a cataloguer or witness in their home, which needs to shifts just as deftly as their own self-conception does. I also see this as highlighting Hermes psychopomp and the need for them to take their underworld journeys.

2h= Moon-ruled

3h= Sun-ruledTheir source of income may wax and wane as their interests change. Getting too stuck in the mind can detach them from their ultimate source comfort; their body and its ability to process feelings in a way that mind can't.

the sun-ruled 3h demonstrates that they set themselves apart by what their skills and words. They also may hold a distinguished position in their neighborhood or have been a "golden child" among their siblings (or else singled out for some reason)

5h + 12h= Venus-ruled Geminis may have grown up deep in their imagination, feeling like they have to make their own fun. they know how to entertain themselves on their own and bring joy to difficult situations. This combo also reminded me of the Fool who accompanied King Lear on his exile through barren lands; through "jester's privilege," Geminis can make jokes stinging with difficult truths/uncovered revelations and get away with it

6h + 11h= Mars-ruledGeminis are the kings and queens of work friends, as well as turning any menial task into a gateway to their dreams (kind reminds me of mercury as lock-picker). They also must remember to put in the daily labor needed to fulfill their dreams. I also see them as naturally open to alternative medicine/new healing modalities.They must also learn when to cut off old dreams or else ask for help.

7h + 10h= Jupiter-ruledGemini risings want a partner who can join them in their purpose — and hold them accountable for fulfilling said purpose in an honorable way.They also get a lot out of business partnerships and are advised to take leaps of faith wrt both career and love. Their public role may feel tied up in others, however, and they may find it difficult to do something completely alone. They may prioritize their relationships and public role to an outsize extent.

8h + 9h= Saturn-ruledGemini risings inherently understand that we don't really "know" anything, really, and that a beloved belief may be ripped away without our control. There may be difficult following one distinct path, as they are consciously aware of giving up their intellectual agency and the deleterious effects of blind following. they understand that knowledge is actually a murky endeavor always filtered through our conditioning and hurt. Death also plays a prominent role as a spiritual teacher

Cancer Rising

1H= Moon-Ruled

2h= Sun-ruled

To be ruled by the moon is be ruled by change. No other mistress or area of life can lay claim to Cancer's power, which makes it apt that the origin of the world has Cancer Rising.The Sun-ruled 2h points to the astronomical fact that we only see the moon because of the sun's reflection. Just beneath their mysterious, ever-changing being is the unmitigated warmth and generosity of the sun. They need a constant sense of solidity and egoic stability in order to gather their feelings together, specifically moving towards sources of illumination and warmth.

3h + 12h= Mercury- ruled The 3rd rules praxis/daily spiritual practice and the 12th rules hidden magic, so witchcraft/general dabbling with the dark arts is a natural inclination for Cancer acs. they may have also grown up feeling like they couldn't share their thoughts with their peers. Cancers write/express themselves best in utter privacy and gain mental clarity from times of isolation. Daily solitude is a must.

4h + 11h= Venus-ruled No matter how wide their audience/network, Cancer risings make everyone feel like family. But they only let people in after a deep inner vetting process. Their dreams are extremely private and primal, involving both inner and outer changes.

They always look to the past, ancestral practices and ancient wisdom to guide their visions for their lives. they believe history that is not learned will only repeat itself.

5h + 10h= Mars-ruled Expressing themselves or sharing their art feels like a dare, albeit an extremely visible one. They are passionate about their artistic endeavors and would do best when thinking creatively and dynamically about how they want to show up in the world. Their legacy may be deeply tied up with their offspring, as well as prioritizing the self, and the power of experiencing pleasure. May be known for their romances.

6h + 9h= Jupiter-ruledCancer risings are most likely to sacrifice their bodies in the name of higher knowledge— fasting, long pilgrimages by foot, renunciation, all-nighters etc. Education may often be impeded by a system that does not allow space for injury or sick days. But, ultimately, they know great insight takes work and are willing to put up with a lot of boring reading or meditation to get to the flash of knowing; though they tend to find the process just as expansive as the result.

7h + 8h= Saturn-ruled Relationships for Cancer acs present a contradiction. On the one hand, boundaries, maturity and discipline must be present in all of their serious connection but so is an understanding that love is beyond our control. Love, for Cancer risings, it a continual

commitment to surrender. all of Cancer's inner wounds and fears must have room in all their messiness within the relationship. Cancer may also find themselves the financial beneficiary of their partner.

Leo Rising

1h= Sun-ruled

12h= Moon-ruled

The sun is what keeps the planets bound together and allows the earth to be inhabitable. Leo risings may similarly feel both powerful and not able to live up to the image of themselves they hold to so dearly. but simple illumination, i.e. awareness of their inner being, for good and bad, is where their power comes from.their secret, of course, is their ever-changing emotions. they may feel they have to hide their uncertain or emotional side to feel like themselves. but their ability to nurture themselves when no one else is around is commendable; they are their own light.

2h + 11h= Mercury-ruledIn the process of extending themselves into the world, they find strength in knowledge and feel resourced around others with a diverse knowledge set. this also points to how they love having "fans" but mercury ruling points to a fickleness of favor that can't always be counted upon. ultimately, navigating these houses means having the dream itself rather the mercurial support of others undergird their sense of self.

3h + 10h= Venus-ruledHow a Leo lives their daily life has an exact bearing on how they are perceived in the public sphere. Integrity is a word that comes to mind, especially as a leo ac steps into their visibility. they must act in a way that their intimate friends and siblings would appreciate and have the ability to bring a familial warmth to those who see them from afar. There's an effortless, magnetic quality to their presentation and they probably got used to using their spotlight to lift up others from an early age.

4h + 9h= Mars-ruledthe beliefs of a leo ac are strong, often contrarian, and deeply held. They often have spiritual connections to land as well as ancestral practices. They may be revivers of ancient spiritual traditions and can have natural mediumship ability. they may find conflict between what they believe and what their family does. pondering the deep questions and taking risks to answer them is what ultimately grounds them.

5h + 8h= Jupiter-ruledafter the party's over or the initial rush has faded, Leos may experience this come down as a loss. there's this natural understanding of the finitude of pleasure as well as its potential for misuse. I see these people specifically as crusaders against child abuse or sexual violence and pondering the relationship between innocence and its loss.On the other hand, the creative process for them is to submit to a state of dissolution, letting inspiration take them over. creative practice is where they drop their knowing and submit to the muses.There's also a definite patronage vibe; these were the dudes who the Medici loved to sponsor

6h + 7h= Saturn-ruledOne of the funniest ways I've experienced this combo is through lovesickness; each time I've developed strong feelings for someone I can barely eat and sleep; my stomach bothers me and I'm energetically overwhelmed.On a deeper level, a relationship

that isn't right will announce itself in the body. But they also know that loves takes work; day in, day out, one must show up for their partner(s), and that's what makes it real. I also see leos developing human-like relations with their pets lol

Virgo Rising

1h+ 10h= Mercury-ruledI find this conflation of the self and its image interesting. On the one hand, I can see it pointing towards Virgo being very aware of how their actions are perceived and hold themselves to high standards because of that; may feel like they always have to "know better". On the other, it can also mean there's a certain authenticity or naturalness to a virgo ac; they are, quite often, who they appear to be.

2h + 9h= Venus-ruledAs a sign so well-known for humility and honest self-reflection, it may be difficult for them to stand in full certainty with what they believe. Venus here tells them that they don't have to come up with things solely on their own or deny themselves support.

It also demonstrates that, ultimately, the quest for higher knowledge should be led by what feels good for them rather than what they "should" be studying. and the quest need not be difficult; let it be slow, steady, easy, even.

3h + 8h= Mars ruledFaced with a wall of facts, Virgo acs have the unique ability to cut through the bullshit and get to what's really essential. Virgo acs work best when they don't sweat the small stuff. this also points to an impatience in learning a new skill. they may avoid daily practice if they're not good at it. Virgos can also get lost in a skill or repetitive activity. They know each moment, action, can be extremely powerful or dangerous (great magicians). They may feel like they had to leave childhood activities behind sooner than others

4h + 7h= Jupiter-ruled Getting to know a Virgo is a cavernous and deep route. It takes you to depths you couldn't imagine and you will be grateful for the view. When choosing partners, they are choosing based on comfort and if they could live together. May co-own land.

This also demonstrates to me that Virgos are most expansive and trusting only in intimate, private situations. A Virgo letting you take the reins or surrendering to you completely is the ultimate act of trust.

5h + 6h= Saturn-ruled Virgos know that fun takes work. They may find themselves getting sick or injured after indulging too much but also will put into work to make pleasure a sustainable, regular part of their life.their commitment to their joys is unparalleled, as well

as their ability to find excitement in the tasks the rest of the zodiac would dismiss. They are also keenly aware of how our current labor practice impede on our ability to enjoy ourselves and want to work to right this wrong.

11h= moon-ruled

12h= sun-ruled The dreams of a Virgo ac must be allowed to change. they do best around others with emotional intelligence and find help when they can tune into their feelingsTheir dreams are not fixed things, but a gesturing toward cycles, fluidity, care

To others, it may seem like Virgos are hiding their light under a bushel, but, really, Virgo knows that satisfaction doesn't lie in personal recognition or clinging too tightly to a self. They function best when their sense of self is a work in progress. They know certainty is easy in a vacuum but that true light and glory is bestowed upon us from above.

Libra Rising

1h + 8h=Venus-ruled As we traverse the second half of the zodiac, you'll notice that opposing rising signs often have the same chart linked. The key difference, then, is the planet that rules those houses. While Aries acs are connected to the 8th by Mars, Venus rules these houses

for Libra. So, instead of needing to differentiate or face battles alone, this combo is more about the blurring of boundaries and the overwhelming power of love. Libra is known to be relationally oriented but as an air sign, they are able to hold feelings at a distance.

the 8th house inclusion demonstrates the limitations to this detachment. Libras can't decide when love will come into their lives— or what sort of baggage it will dig up. Sometimes, the best way to approach a problem is to start in the body, and noticing the pre-existing patterns or harmonies that are coming to light. Libra's power comes from knowing when to surrender and when to use their attuning powers to bring forward the perfect that is already there.

2h + 7h= Mars-ruled Like Aries, Libra feels deep value from their relationships. But rather than teaching them compromise, their partners help them shape what they want, what they value, and how to cut off what no longer serves them. Ideally, their partners empower them to disagree and how to step into their individual power; a key to a libra ac's flourishing. It also shows that we don't have to be everything ourselves; libra knows that the virtues of those around them extends to them as well.

3h + 6h= Jupiter-ruled Libra acs are great at juggling the small things; scheduling, running errands, and maintaining habits all go so far in getting a Libra excited about their life. They can keep a lot of plates spinning both in work and leisure and their health is directly benefitted by small, not-too-intense practices (daily stretches, adding greens to a meal, etc). "How we live our days is, of course, how we live our lives," Annie Dillard tells us. Libra embodies this adage and knows the value of small tinkering to have big effects on life.

4h + 5h= Saturn-ruledThough Libras are often painted as merely "chill," it's clear they take their pleasures seriously. Foundational to their life is enjoyment, romance, creative expression, but only when balanced with proper judgment and discipline. As Saturn exalts in Libra, I would think they genuinely appreciate the stability it affords their joys. It also shows that they take their responsibility to their family or origin and their children equally seriously and most likely want their children to have a relationship to their family (or else their children become their family). Ultimately, their creativity thrives when it is founded upon long-term goals and true to Libran form, sex touches them to their very core. You may not be able to see it, but they can feel it, so u best treat them right!

9h + 12h= Mercury-ruledBeing a sign that so values equilibrium, it makes sense that they need to take a step away from the rest of the world in order to figure out what they believe. They can hold multiple points of view at once (the cacophony of mercury) and may find it difficult sacrificing all possibilities in favor of one belief system. Their minds naturally inclines towards the big questions but can also feel like a scary, solipsistic place. They must refrain from jumping to conclusion when suffering and take it as one data point among many

10h= Moon-ruled The one place where they allow themselves to change by mood is in their career. How they show up and give themselves to the world is their ultimate form of care and also an area where they must trust their intuition. They know that sharing their vulnerabilities

with the world is an act of service without feeling too attached. They are very good at seeming emotionally attuned even if they don't feel it but they should not underestimate their emotional intelligence. It is their legacy.

11h= Sun-ruled The one thing that must stay a consistent light in their life is their aspirations, knowing full well that time and influence will change them. They flourish around self-assured leaders and often have friends in high places. Inherent to their sense of self is the

understanding that our creations or ideas are only real when shared. Though others may "adulterate" that vision, it is through collaboration and teamwork that Libra's full vision— and sense of themselves— comes into focus.

Scorpio Rising

1h+ 6h= Mars-ruled Not a classic Scorpio stereotype, but this combo shows that these natives can put. in. the. work. Moreso than Aries, they can channel their energy into what needs to be done, even if it's tedious or time-consuming. It's also likely for them get sick more often than usual & often out of nowhere. Their sense of self is tied up in their defense system; not naturally aggressive, they still have the power to fend off attacks. They also tend to identify with common or "base" things; they see the power in what is underestimated or overlooked

2h + 5h= Jupiter-ruled Scorpio's generosity and appetite for pleasure is unparalleled. When they give, they give hard, and find themselves rewarded tenfold in return. Holding onto money may be a problem for them, especially when it comes to buying nice things or things that expand their mind. Sex can be a spiritual gateway, as can self-expression, though it may take a while for Scorpios to feel safe enough to do so. They may find themselves financial beneficiaries of their children or creative endeavors. Creativity is key to them feeling supported.

3h + 4h= Saturn-ruled Scorpio risings may have felt like the odd one out at home, or else had to take on a role of authority at a young age. They may have acted as second parents to their siblings and may not have fit in when they were in elementary school. They are deeply private about the inner workings of their mind and are best supported by a disciplined, private writing practice rather than just expecting the words to come out in a flash. They flourish when their daily rituals include some honoring/relationship to family or land.

7h+ 12h= Venus-ruled Even in relationship, there are times Scorpio ac must worship at the shrine of their heart alone. Their relationships are only successful when they allow space for Scorpio's feelings of isolation, need for solitude, and shadowy moods. But they also know inherently that we are never alone; even in the bleakest of circumstances we joined by god and it is worth building a relationship with the unseen just as much as with your partner.

8h + 11h= Mercury-ruled Scorpios love befriending people who will talk about dark shit, or for who no topic is off-limits. They have an inherent understanding of the limits of their individual power and tend to enact their visions intuitively, like feeling their way along a dark hallway. They want their friends to help them see their blindspots and help them fill in the details they can't see. Help may come after a difficult situation and their friends will be generous with their support. But they also must be wary if conditions are attached

9h= Moon-ruled Their beliefs are guided by their keen emotions and natural intuition. They see spiritual insight as something to be nurtured and have no problem putting boundaries around their study/meditation time. Sharing their deepest beliefs is an extremely intimate act for them but they can also find meaning in the most common things.

10h= Sun-ruled Scorpios function best when they have a public self separate from their inner self. They also naturally want to give the best of themselves to the public; but only when there can be a distance between. They most likely had a strong vision for their purpose early on and are learning how to show in full power and visibility without messing up their strong defense system.

Sagittarius Rising

1h + 4h= Jupiter-ruled Sag's are often called "honest" and for good reason; who they are privately is not that different from who they are in person, which is expansive, intuitive, and insightful. Unwinding for them means pondering the big questions in life and can learn a lot about themselves through family & ancestry. Their beliefs are their foundation & at the root of their actions. Their ability to have privacy to explore new ideas directly effect their ability to move freely through the world. they are always drawn down to the depth

2h + 3h= Saturn-ruled The valuables of Sag acs are not often things but activities, skills, beliefs. They are rigorous about their daily practices and have trouble fully maturing without taking the advantage of the value of attuning to the divine everyday. They just need to ensure

their information and downloads are coming from trustworthy sources and are only as good as their word. Having confidence in their convictions is key to them feeling supported.

5h + 12h= Mars-ruled Sags know how to make their own fun and may get a thrill of things in secret. Excessive anger or energy can be a sign they aren't putting enough effort into their pleasures. Their art may come from a mysterious place, but inspiration will strike quickly and

strongly. They are meant to be pioneers in their art and in uncovering difficult things. They must demand fun be an integral part of their life, even when in dire circumstances. Their bravery comes from their ceaseless optimism.

6h + 11h= Venus-ruled Building a community can seem tedious to Sag acs when they can go so far by themselves, but their friends help them sift through the details of their grand visions.Both their health and their dreams flourish when things aren't forced but done in collaboration with others. The ultimate work of their life is to dream up new futures and do well with friends that remind them that ease and softness can be included; they shouldn't sacrifice their bodies for their minds.

7h + 10h= Mercury-ruled Who they choose to associate with has a big impact on their public image and how they go about enacting their purpose. Some of their closest relationship will be with business or vocational partners. At the very least, they want their partner's beliefs to

support the image they wish to extend to the world, which is curious, flexible and fastidious.they may also feel like their relationships are quite public and should watch for sweating over the details.

8h= Cancer-ruled Sag acs may hide their boundaries or prickly emotions for fear not being generous or bringing negativity into the world. Nowhere do they feel more powerless than when faced with emotions that can't be reasoned with or turned into sources of meaning.

but they are naturally nurturing in a crisis and can find a lot of comfort in letting others merge with them (when they feel safe to do so). Nothing shakes a sag as singularly as a lack of control.

9h= Sun-ruled Nowhere is a Sag more consistent than their beliefs. They naturally gravitate towards long journeys, rigorous courses of study and consistent spiritual practice. But they also must be able to make their findings their own and get creative with how they express them

Nowhere will you see a Sag shine as when you ask them what they believe in and why. I don't see them as necessarily dogmatic, but nowhere do they feel more sure than when they're learning the big things.

Capricorn Rising

1h+ 2h= Saturn-ruled The identity of a Cap rising is tied up in feeling supported. They are not one to "wing it" or set out for a journey without the proper supplies. Their identity depends on their ability to prepare and find support even in the direst of circumstances. They have to watch for underestimating themselves and their value or only recognizing their effort if it leads to long-term results. They value what lasts and expects themself to only focus on the parts of themselves that endure.

3h + 12h= Jupiter-ruled Capricorns needs solitude on a daily basis. Their beliefs need to be able to practiced consistently & must be able to withstand difficult situations. They may have grown up a loner and relish any skill or project they can complete on their own. Their praxis often involves hidden or esoteric practices. They seek to find the meaning hidden beneath the everyday and uncover the hidden structures governing their mind— and thus, affect their whole life. They know the little, overlooked, things add up.

4h + 11h= Mars-ruled A Cap rising's dreams are firmly rooted in the past, but they still manage to be a trailblazer in enacting them. Part of this is their willingness to face the ills of history and put in the focused work to prevent them from returning. slow and steady by nature, they are drawn to communities of warriors and those who help them overcome inertia and teach them to just do it. Being part of a group may be triggering for them, as it may bring up childhood or ancestral wounds. but their dreams always remember the nonhuman.

5h+ 10h= Venus-ruled Cap risings are not known for their creativity but they should be. Ultimately, they see their purpose as being a preserver of beauty and a protector of human connection. Their art quickly becomes part of what they're known for and people often turn to them to help them with relationship issues. They do best when they don't think so hard about what they should be offering or if they're offering enough. Doing what is pleasurable helps them show up fully for their community and that means Caps do best when they have a strong connection to the body and what feels good to it.

6h + 9h= Mercury-ruled Caps have to put work into communicating. They may feel like they need to have all the answers or may overextend themselves with including all the points of view. But they know belief comes through rigorous testing, verifying, and careful observation. They are least likely to be taken up by a false belief system or spirituality that claims to cure all. Naturally revolutionary, they are uninterested in practices or areas of study that are not available to all or applicable to the lives of the overlooked.

7h= Moon-ruled Caps tend to outsource their changeability; they relish being around emotional, nurturing people and often need them to help them uncover their own feelings. They value the importance of emotions and giving them the same commitment and presence as they do with

their partners and collaborators.

8h= Sun-ruled Nowhere is a Cap more consistent than in a crisis. They shine when things go wrong and can have a gallows humor like no other. They are also keenly aware of the shadow side of self-importance or finding one's value only through the lips of others. Their identity is not one that is intellectually decided upon and enacted but felt through, given by something higher than they.

Aquarius Rising

1h + 12h= Saturn-ruled The Aquarius ac's self is forged in solitude. They have a relationship with the parts of themselves that others may exile, but they define themselves by what is overlooked. This also points to a discomfort they may have with being a person with a single will and body. They may have to spend their lives contending with a feeling of separation. They are always aware of what exclusion feels like but also gain their power there.

2h + 11h= Jupiter-ruled But, truly, Aquarius acs couldn't go on if they didn't build their identity atop of a well of optimism and ideals. Their support comes directly from their hope for a new future, one that includes everyone in its vision and is founded upon lofty ideals.

They are drawn to friends that open up their world and upon whom they can rely; they know they can't go far without the support of many. Financial support often comes through community and networks.

3h + 10h= Mars-ruled From top to bottom, Aquarius acs model new ways to live. Not only do they appear intense, passionate, and courageous, they enact that on a daily basis. They are known for their fiery speech and for forging their own worlds within bigger worlds. They may rush themselves when it comes to finding their purpose, but gain much if they spread this desire out into their daily practice. Regular movement is also key to them getting out of their heads and showing up dynamically.

4h + 9h= Venus-ruled Aquarius risings choose their families based on their beliefs. Or else their beliefs are greatly colored by their ancestry. They appreciate an elegance in both their home and their beliefs. Their artistry comes out when they are given ample private space to sift through texts and come up with beautiful ideas. They think deeply about the value and merit of beauty and always believe it has a place in philosophy. Ideally, their spiritual practice helps them reconnect with the beauty at the root of the world.

5h + 8h= Mercury-ruled Pleasure and creativity is the place where their control can dissolve but they'll still want to try and understand it. They have a gift for returning from the depths and explaining what they found beautifully, and find it romantic when someone can join them. They know how to hustle and get financial support/funding for their deepest pleasures. To fully express themselves without reserve, they must work through their shadow.

6h= Moon -ruled Aquarius risings may find the body fickle; not necessarily a burden, but less reliable than their mind. They function best when they're not overworking themselves and feel emotionally connected with those they're working with. This also shows Aqua ac's power as a

labor organizer, and their emotional identification with the overlooked. They know the value of care labor and can form a bond with any mail carrier, cashier, bus driver they come across

7h= Sun-ruled The illuminating gaze of Aquarius is always on the other. They value those who can remind them of the joys of having a self and/or those who are set apart or singled out in some way. While seeing the light of the other may be easy for the Aquarius ac, it's a struggle for them to turn it on themselves. But being with others is a sure-fire way for them to share in some of that warmth. They shine when they're not alone.

Pisces Risings

1h+ 10h= Jupiter-ruled Whether close up or afar, Pisces acs may find a lot of people projecting on them; they can have this mystical shape-shifting quality that encompasses a plethora of identities or appearances; it's not like Pisces are trying to trick people; they just know the concept of the self is gauzy and, on a relative level, we are who we pretend to be. they are also quite aware of how they're perceived and wish to act in the most upright way possible, esp in public. they lead by setting an example.

2h + 9h= Mars-ruled While their sense of self is best when expansive and changing, they are most supported when they can cut off beliefs or ideas that no longer suit them. They can make money through religious practice, astrology, or academia but may also burn through funds quickly, which also points to an essential generosity; we can't take anything with us so it would be a waste to hoard what you can give freely, whether that be material or spiritual. They do best when they have a greater sense of direction that prevents them from simply floating

3h + 8h= Venus-ruled Something about the routine of the everyday can be disorienting for them. While the big picture is easy enough, dealing with the granular of the day-to-day requires a certain sweetness and perhaps help from others. But it also points to their sensitivity; a daily ritual or walk around the neighborhood can be a portal to something not understood but felt, and potentially transfiguring. Loss may also be a hovering companion, but they can probably write about it beautifully.

4h + 7h= Mercury-ruled Both their family and partnerships can be sources of mental clarification/breaking the parts into wholes. They, too, only really let in people who feel like family and will truly go the distance for those they have partnered with. They are rooted in the ever-changing nature of mind and reality and love having an interlocutor to discuss this with. Cohabitation with a partner may be important to them so they appreciate a responsible partner they can consistently count on.

5h= Moon-ruled Nowhere are their emotions more transparent than when they lose themselves to pleasure; their romantic partners must be able to provide them nurturing and they must have plenty of private space to develop their creative ideas; when they express themselves, it can

be subtle, reflective, and mysterious, like the moon itself. Being near water, femmes, or in the throes of the common world can be sites of inspiration or places of joy. Their creativity may be highly cyclical and they are utterly devoted to their offspring, living and non-living.

6h= Sun-ruled It can be easy to Pisces ac to forget the power of the body; when so much of their life happens on immaterial planes, there must be equal attention paid to what allows us to experience this life in the first place. But when a Pisces puts in the tedious work of healing, the rest of them can shine. This also demonstrates the tedium they experience when they try to construct a fixed self as well as an identification with what is common; they're not interested in lifting themselves above others but identifying with all.

11h + 12h= Saturn-ruled Their dreams for the future are not meant to come from the mainstream or what has come before; only through meaningful solitude and time to turn their mystic powers inward can what they wish to create spring forth. Their visions demand that no one be overlooked or excluded. Their dreams are best support by those who can turn their fantasies into a material reality— and help them put in consistent, long-term effort. They want a world that lessens suffering, though they may want to escape from it at times as well.

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